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What is ThetaHealing®?
In this ThetaHealing® Video we ask a few people what ThetaHealing® is really all about and how this Healing Modality has really helped them or the people around them!
ThetaHealing™Living a joyful  life starts with , mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

ThetaHealing® is  a powerful and effective healing technique  that can  bring you positive changes  in a relatively of time.

ThetaHealing is an empowering you can take to bring more joy, peace and health into .

It  is a safe and gentle healing method that can clear even issues and will allow you to gain an insight into areas of causing you unease.

ThetaHealing is a healing therapy where issues are initially by talking them through and then ,  , trauma or patterns can be released through field
 So How Does Theta Work?